Amazing facts about Lamborghini

Amazing facts about Lamborghini

Lamborghini is an Italian brand and manufacturer of luxury sports cars and SUVs based in Sant'Agata Bolognese and tractors Lamborghini Trattori in Pieve di Cento, Italy. Lamborghini is rightfully considered one of the most exclusive and elite automobile marques. It was born thanks to a good fortune and a fantastic talent of one person. Read more to find out about the world-famous Italian luxury car brand. Let's see some Amazing facts about Lamborghini.

Amazing facts about Lamborghini

1) The first Lamborghinis were tractors, and they're still made today.

Because of that WWII experience, when he got home he started piecing together tractors out of spare parts. People loved them, and his tractor business took off overnight. They're no longer part of the same company, but Lamborghini Trattori are still designed by the same firm that created the Gallardo and the Maserati MC12. They range in price from $30,000 to over $300,000

2) Ferruccio Lamborghini was the original Tony Stark.

During WWII, he was stationed on the isolated island of Rhodes as a vehicle maintenance supervisor for the Italian Royal Air Force. Needless to say being stuck on an island in the middle of a war makes it pretty tricky to secure spare parts, forcing Lamborghini to cobble together scraps to keep his machines running. He quickly earned the reputation of being a master mechanic, and an even more prolific tinkerer. Kind of like that time Tony Stark built a nuclear reactor in a cave.

3) Away from Racing .

This may come up as a surprise to some of you, but Lamborghini never participated in any major motorsports competitions. According to the will of Feruccio Lamborghini, his company stayed away from racing, because the famous Italian engineer always believed the motorsports to be a big waste of time and resources.

4) Lamborghini was not always the story of success.

In 1987, the American automobile giant Chrysler, practically saved it from oblivion by acquiring it. The same year, the Italian vehicle manufacturer presented a peculiar concept car under the name of Portofino. It was a sedan with four doors of the guillotine type, powered by a 3.5-liter engine installed at the rear. Although it remained only a prototype, its image and design was subsequently embodied in many Chrysler cars.

5) Origin story.

The owner of Lamborghini first drove a Ferrari when he started the company, but the car had a constant nagging clutch problem which frustrated him to the extent of making him manufacture cars instead of tractors.

6) In the late 1960s, if you didn't own a Miura, you were nobody.

Today, they're owned by people like Nicholas Cage and Jay Leno, but in the sixties Miuras were driven by people like Saudi King Fahd and Prince Faisal, Rod Stewart, Dean Martin, and Frank Sinatra, who famously said about his orange Miura with orange shag and wild boar skin seats: "You buy a Ferrari when you want to be somebody. You buy a Lamborghini when you are somebody."

7) Cars Are Named After Bulls.

Each car manufacturer has its own way of finding the perfect name for every model of its cars. Sometimes, each model has a unique name that is unrelated to any other model. In other instances, car manufacturers have a recurring theme for choosing names. In the case of Lamborghini, the recurring theme is bulls. Ferruccio Lamborghini was a big fan of Spanish bullfighting. It was something he enjoyed watching in his spare time and was passionate about. He enjoyed the drama and entertainment of the bullfighting events and could see what a powerful animal the bull is. He likened this power to the power of his vehicles. For these reasons, he decided that he would use the names of famous Spanish fighting bulls for his cars. The first model to take the name of a bull was the Lamborghini Miura. This became a theme and many more models of cars were produced that took on the name of a famous bullfighting bull.

8) All Lamborghini’s have PIRELLI Tyres.

Brand loyalty is something that is important to Lamborghini. Similarly, creating or using the highest quality components is essential to the success of manufacturing such a luxurious automobile. For these reasons, every Lamborghini manufactured is fitted with PIRELLI tyres. In tribute to the tyre manufacturers, Lamborghini even produced a special version of the Lamborghini Aventador dedicated to PIRELLI.

9) Lamborghini Built the First Viper Engine.

One accolade that Lamborghini has to its name is building the first Viper engine. They developed the Dodge Viper during the late 1980s. Doge didn’t want to simply drop a regular truck motor into their cars. Instead, they asked Lamborghini to design and cast an aluminium prototype of a Viper engine. Although this wasn’t the one they eventually used in production, the prototype still exists. It is now locked away somewhere in Detroit.

10) Lamborghini is now owned by the Volkswagen Group.

Although it has retained its own name, Lamborghini is now owned by the Volkswagen Group. As a company, Lamborghini has experienced many ups and downs. When the company almost went into ruin, they were rescued by the American company Chrysler in 1987. The company was then acquired by an Indonesian investment group in 1994. This led to a lot of uncertainty in the company. By 1998, Lamborghini was in control by the Volkswagen Group under the Audi subdivision. This is a union that has benefited both companies and Lamborghini has flourished ever since.

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