Amazing facts about Indian Armed Forces

Amazing facts about Indian Armed Forces

The Indian Armed Forces, consisting of the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force, the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard are India’s shield and sword, which keep our interests safe, our enemies at bay and the people of our country secure and free.Many of us would know about their tribute to our country. But here are a few amazing facts which will increase your respect for the Indian military ten-fold. Soo let's see some amazing facts about Indian Armed Forces.

  1. Indian Army has never been involved in a military coup and has never initiated first attack in any warfare.

  2. Indian Army is the largest volunteer force in the entire world. This simply means that Indian Army consists of the largest number of willing soldiers in the entire world. Indian Constitution actually has the option of military conscription but never needed to implement it.

  3. When it comes to jungle and high altitude mountain warfare, Indian Army has no match in this world. Russia, UK, USA and several other countries send their armies to Gulmarg based High Altitude Warfare School for training. Similarly, the Counter-insurgency and Jungle Warfare School is also frequently visited by armed forces from those countries for training.

  4. India controls the highest battlefield in the world, the Siachen glacier, at 5000 metres above Mean Sea Level.

  5. Operation Rahat (2013) was one of the biggest civilian rescue operations ever carried out in the world. During the first phase of the operation from 17 June 2013, the IAF airlifted a total of about 20,000 people; flying a total of 2,140 sorties and dropping a total of 3,82,400 kg of relief material and equipment.

  6. India covertly tested its nuclear arsenal in the early 1970s and late 1990s without the CIA even knowing what was happening.

  7. Indian Army doesn’t recruit on the basis of any reservations of caste and religion unlike other governmental organizations in India.

  8. It is being said that India is currently developing Surya series of missiles that are based on PSLV (Polar Space Launch Vehicle) model developed by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization). Surya I is said to have a range of 10,000 kilometers and Surya II is said to have a range of 20,000 kilometers.

  9. Indian Army carried out the one of the biggest civilian rescue operation ‘Operation Rahat’ in the year 2013 with the help of Indian Air Force.

  10. In the Battle of Longewala, on which the famous Bollywood movie “Border” is based, there were only two casualties on the Indian side.

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