Amazing facts about condoms

Amazing facts about condoms

So you think you know everything about condoms right? NOPE! Here are some eye-opening facts. The simple fact is that scientific research demonstrates that condoms are an effective and important tool in the worldwide fight against HIV/AIDS, as well as other sexually transmitted infections. let's see some amazing facts about condoms.

Condoms have been around a long, long time. The earliest known illustration of a man using a condom is a 12,000–15,000-year-old painting on the wall of a cave in France.

Condom availability in places of need around the world is increasing significantly, with 25.8 million female condoms provided through international and nongovernmental funding sources in 2009. Condom distribution increased by 10 million between 2008 and 2009.

The vast majority of American teens (68 percent of females and 82 percent of males) use a condom the first time they have sex.

Gabriele Fallopio claimed that he invented a linen condom that was soaked in a chemical solution, allowed to dry, and tied on the penis with a ribbon. He tested his condom by having 1,100 men wear them while having intercourse with women infected with the "French Disease" (syphilis) and claimed they didn't contract the disease. We're pretty sure this would violate modern standards of ethical experimentation.

The average condom can hold as much as a gallon of liquid. Of course, that's without the male member in it, but still, very impressive. That lets you know that no matter the level of your guys' output, your condom will keep you covered.

We'll admit that this may have been true at one time, but no longer. Today there are condoms that taste delicious (and are actually made with the same kind of flavorings that go in to food), feel amazing, and get both you and your partner to that O so delightful place.

This was in the late 19th century. Soon after in the 20th century, the American armed forces followed suit. As a result of this action, the rate of STIs was significantly reduced.

Condoms are a girl's secret weapon when out for a night on the town. Whether you're in a committed relationship or a single lady, when you feel that right moment come up and you pull out a ribbed/flavored/barely there condom, that shows the guy that you're confident and not afraid to go after what you want. Super sexy.

Some of these records include: Most condoms pulled through the nose at once (3), longest condom chain (25,773 condoms tied together), largest condom mosaic (made using 685 condom packs), and of course, the largest condom (72 feet in length).

Proper condom use may seem like a no-brainer, but there are actually a lot of people out there that are really unsure or confused as to how to properly use a condom. The phrase "can you reuse a condom" produces more than 130,000 results on Google. In fact, the number 1 reason for contraceptive failure is user error.

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