Amazing facts about moon you never knew.

Everyone loves the moon, it is the  natural satellite of earth. Moon Night is observed every year on October 12.  The Moon was formed 4.6 billion years ago. Now let us see some amazing facts about the Moon.

1.  Most of the people think that the Moon is round in shape, but it’s not.  The Moon is shaped like an egg.

2.  The Moon is approximately 238, 750 miles (384, 400 kilometers) from earth.  The distance changes depending on the position of the Moon, whether it is at its apogee(far away) or perigee(nearby).  At apogee distance is 363, 295 km and at perigee it is  405, 503 km.

3. The Moon can influence Earth by gravity.  When the Moon is at its perigee, the weather and tides tend to be unstable  and create larger tides due to gravitational pull and when the Moon is at its apogee, the weather and tides tend to be more predictable.

4. Temperatures on the Moon vary drastically, as there is no atmosphere on the Moon.  The temperature ranges from temperatures -200°F to more than 200 °F.

5.Do you know that Earth’s rotation has slowed down due to the Moon’s gravity, long ago  days were much shorter and rotation was faster.

6. The Moon’s entire surface is covered with a layer of crushed and powdered rocks called regolith, which is due to the bombardment in space of many tiny micrometeorites.

7.  In ancient days,during solar eclipses, Chinese used to make as much noise as possible, as they thought that Sun was swallowed by enormous dragon and making such sounds would scare that dragon.

8. We can see only one side of the Moon, and believe that there is a dark side of the Moon.  But this is a myth because the Moon rotates around on its own axis in exactly the same time it takes to orbit the Earth.

9. The moon's rate of rotation is uniform but its rate of revolution is not, so we're able to see just around the edge of each limb from time to time.  Put another way, the two motions do not keep perfectly in step, even though they come out together at the end of the month. We call this effect libration of longitude

10. Believe it or not, the moon is half as bright as a full moon about 2.4 days before and after a full moon.  Even though about 95 percent of the moon is illuminated at this time, and to most casual observers it might still look like a "full" moon, its brightness is roughly 0.7 magnitudes less than at full phase, making it appear one-half as bright.


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