Amazing fact about Facebook you don't know.

Amazing facts about facebook you don't know.!!!!

1)  Al Pacino was the first “face” on Facebook :
         A very early iteration of the site displayed a header image featuring a man’s face obscured behind binary code. The identity of the man could not be seen clearly, but it later came to light that the face was that of acclaimed actor Al Pacino. 

2)  Mark Zuckerberg suffers from red-green colorblindness :
         This is why Facebook’s primary color scheme is blue, although it certainly doesn’t hurt that blue is also strongly associated with trust and security, two concepts essential in getting people to voluntarily part with their personal information.

3)  Facebook’s ‘Like’ button used to be the ‘Awesome’ button :
         Facebook engineer Andrew Bosworth said that he and other engineers were enthusiastic about the “Awesome” button, but that the idea was ultimately vetoed by Zuckerberg in 2007. The site eventually settled on the “Like” button, a decision that Bosworth said was met with a decidedly lukewarm reception. 

4)  Facebook is growing very fast :
         Facebook’s user base grows by eight people per second, or 7,246 people every 15 minutes. Some naysayers have foretold of Facebook’s impending demise, but aside from boasting the largest user base of any social network in the world by a gigantic margin, this statistic proves Facebook is still growing. 

5)   Cost for facebook : 
         Every minute of downtime outage costs Facebook approximately $24,420. The “prolonged” outage that lasted for 19 minutes in August 2014 cost the company almost $427,000 – and you thought you were pissed when Facebook goes down.

6)  User watch videos :
         In September 2014, Facebook users watched a collective 1 billion videos per day. Today, that figure is more than 4 billion – and 75% of these video views occur on mobile devices.

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